Entrées par Johnny

On Lolita – Ed Dodson

I first read Nabokov in the summer of 2009, mid-way between my first and second year of studying English at the University of Leeds. Lolita had been on my horizon, but never in my hands, during those opening semesters of undergraduate life; it had not fit into the theoretical mould by which prose fiction had […]

L. – Cécile Jeanson

C’était à S., telle que je la vois encore parfois la nuit, au creux des champs plats invisibles, comme une ombre cachée sous un arbre. Dans l’ombre, encore plus, le dessous d’un autre arbre feuillu, vu celui-ci depuis un balcon, pas très loin de la méditerranée, dans la rumeur d’une petite ville que j’ai tant […]

“Lopsidedly mad love” – Excerpt from: The Enchanter (2011), Chapter 5 – Lila Azam Zanganeh

I recall a Mediterranean countryside over a decade ago. The long silhouette of a cypress tree extended its back against the wall of our redbrick house, vying until noon with the prickly stems of caper berry shrubs. After short, stormy nights, scattered pools formed crevasses in the grass. Light reflected off the water like slippery […]