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RÉSONANCES ARTISTIQUES : Arts visuels – A Guide to Berlin EN

FR / EN “A Guide to Berlin” An exhibition by Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov (Germany) inspired by Nabokov’s story « A Guide to Berlin » The exhibition was shown  from July 5 till July 29, 2013 at the Vladimir Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg. It will be shown in the « salle Europe » at the MISHA in Strasbourg, […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – KOKINOVA

Katherina KOKINOVA PhD in comparative literary studies, Department of Slavic Literature, Sofia University, Bulgaria Dissertation Title: The self-reflection in the oeuvre of Vladimir Nabokov and Witold Gombrowicz Enrollment date: 2012 Estimated year of completion: 2015 University adviser: Prof. Dr. Panayot Karagyozov   Training the Reader by Means of Self-reflection This paper studies comparatively the self-reflective […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – ROWBERRY

Simon ROWBERRY University of Winchester Dissertation title: “The Literary Web” Supervisor: Dr Carolin Esser-Miles Year of Registration: 2010           Date of completion: March 2014   Is the History of the Book the Future of Nabokov Studies? The publication of The Original of Laura in 2009 marked a landmark in Nabokov studies, not for its aesthetic value, […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – SALIBA DIAS

Nathalia SALIBA DIAS Title (estimated): Literary incest or the meaning of incest in Vladimir Nabokov’s work Institution: Humboldt University (Berlin)         Name of the supervisor: Helga Schwalm Registration: May 2013 Date of completion (estimated):  2016/2017 The meaning of incest in Nabokov’s work The proposal of research is to analyse the works by Vladimir Nabokov, specifically three […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – MIKOLA

Gyöngyi MIKOLA Title of PhD. Thesis: Narratives of Desire in Nabokov’s Russian Novels University of Szeged (Hungary), Department of Russian Literature Name of supervisor: Prof. Dr. Katalin Szőke Year of registration: 2012. Estimated date of completion of thesis: September 2015. „AS WATER TO OPHELIA” (Problem of Aesthetical Redemption in Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading and […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – KITZINGER

Chloë KITZINGER PhD Candidate, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Berkeley Enrolled Fall 2009; estimated date of completion Spring 2015 Title of dissertation: “The Problematic Individual”: The Lives of Characters in Dostoevsky and Tolstoy Supervisors: Irina Paperno (chair, Slavic), Eric Naiman (Slavic), Dorothy Hale(English)   “A Variety of Forms”: Reading Character in Nabokov […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – BATTERSBY

Douglas J. M. BATTERSBY, University of York (1st year PhD candidate) Thesis title: ‘Our Glassy Essence: metaphors of the mind in modernist literature’ Supervisors: Derek Attridge, John Bowen Expected completion date: October 2016 Eroticism, Reality, and the Mind in Nabokov’s Ada or Ardor   My PhD thesis explores representations of the mind in modernist novels, […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – FEDERSPIEL

Michael FEDERSPIEL « Valeurs et enjeux d’une littérature polémique : jeux de langues et stratégies de l’indicible dans Lolita de Vladimir Nabokov et The Satanic Verses de Salman Rushdie » Année d’inscription: Septembre 2008 – Soutenance: Novembre 2014 Thèse de doctorat en préparation sous la direction de Mme le Professeur Charlotte STURGESS – Université de […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – GHISLOTTI

Beyond Lolita: A “Reverse” Analysis of the Film Adaptations of Three Novels by Nabokov: King, Queen, Knave, Despair, The Luzhin Defence. Stefano Ghislotti (Università degli studi di Bergamo, Italy) Abstract From a linguistic point of view, film adaptation can be considered as a particular type of translation. Following Roman Jakobson, novels become films via an […]

ASSOCIATION: doctoriales 2014 – LOISON

Julie LOISON-CHARLES est inscrite en thèse de Littérature Américaine sous la direction du Professeur Emily Eells, Université Ouest Nanterre La Défense. Thèse : « Les langues étrangères dans les romans américains de Nabokov » Université de rattachement : Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense Première inscription : 2009.              Date de soutenance : 10 mai 2014. Nabokov et le Formalisme […]