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Interview-Maurice Couturier-Tome III-Pléiade

À l’occasion de la sortie du tome III des œuvres romanesques de Vladimir Nabokov dans la Pléiade, incluant Pnine – Feu pâle – Ada ou L’Ardeur – La transparence des choses – Regarde, regarde les arlequins! – L’original de Laura, la Société française Vladimir Nabokov a interviewé le directeur du volume, Maurice Couturier.     Entretien avec Maurice Couturier Le volume commence par une retraduction de […]


Œuvres romanesques complètes-Tome III

Tome III – Pnine – Feu pâle – Ada ou L’Ardeur – La transparence des choses – Regarde, regarde les arlequins! – L’original de Laura. Édition publiée sous la direction de Maurice Couturier. Textes traduits de l’anglais, présentés et annotés par René Alladaye, Jean-Bernard Blandenier, Marie Bouchet, Brian Boyd, Gilles Chahine, Yannicke Chupin, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau, […]


Michele Russo-A Plurilingual Analysis of Four Russian-American Autobiographies-Cournos, Nabokov, Berberova, Shteyngart

Michele Russo. A Plurilingual Analysis of Four Russian-American Autobiographies. Göttingen: V & R unipress, 2020, pp. 138. Focusing on the connection between emigration and bilingualism/trilingualism, this volume analyzes the cultural and linguistic passage of four American writers with Russian origins: Cournos (1881-1966), Nabokov (1899-1977), Berberova (1901-1993), Shteyngart (*1972). Such passage from the source language, Russian, to the […]


Marie Bouchet, Julie Loison-Charles et Isabelle Poulin (eds.)-The Five Senses in Nabokov’s Works

The Five Senses in Nabokov’s Works, eds. Marie Bouchet, Julie Loison-Charles et Isabelle Poulin (Palgrave McMillan, 2020). Vous trouverez la table des matières ci-après/Please find the table of contents below/С оглавлением сборника (на английском языке) можно ознакомиться ниже. Ce volume collectif s’intéresse à une question largement négligée dans les études nabokoviennes : l’importance et les enjeux […]


Irena Księżopolska, Mikołaj Wiśniewski (Eds.)-Vladimir Nabokov and the Fictions of Memory

Irena Księżopolska, Mikołaj Wiśniewski/Ирена Ксензопольская, Миколай Висневский (Eds.), Vladimir Nabokov and the Fictions of Memory,  SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, 2019: – Irena Księżopolska, Mikołaj Wiśniewski/Ирена Ксензопольская, Миколай Висневский, « Introduction », p. 7. – Leona Toker/Леона Токер, « Nabokov’s Factography », p. 21. – Stephen Blackwell/Стивен Блакуэлл, « Nabokov’s Cryptic Triptych: Grief and […]


Vladimir Nabokov-Владимир Набоков-Think, Write, Speak

Vladimir Nabokov/Владимир Набоков, Think, Write, Speak: Uncollected Essays, Reviews, Interviews and Letters to the Editor, edited by Brian Boyd and Anastasia Tolstoy, Knopf, 2019. A rich compilation of the previously uncollected Russian and English prose and interviews of one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers, edited by Nabokov experts Brian Boyd and Anastasia Tolstoy.


Elsa Court-The American Roadside in Émigré Literature, Film, and Photography 1955–1985

The American Roadside in Émigré Literature, Film, and Photography: 1955–1985 (Palgrave Macmillan, Studies in Mobilities, Literature, and Culture, 202) traces the origin of a postmodern iconography of mobile consumption equating roadside America with an authentic experience of the United States through the postwar road narrative, a narrative which, Elsa Court argues, has been shaped by […]


Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of English at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and one of the leading international specialists of Nabokov, notably known for his authoritative 2-volume critical biography of the author, which he wrote after Véra Nabokov asked him to organize the Nabokov archive. He wrote two […]

David M. Bethea and Siggy Frank (Eds), Vladimir Nabokov in Context, Cambridge University Press, 2018.

« Vladimir Nabokov, bilingual writer of dazzling masterpieces, is a phenomenon that both resists and requires contextualization. This book challenges the myth of Nabokov as a sole genius who worked in isolation from his surroundings, as it seeks to anchor his work firmly within the historical, cultural, intellectual and political contexts of the turbulent twentieth century. […]