Stanislav Shvabrin has researched Vladimir Nabokov’s engagement with other artists, writers, and poets across English, French, German, Italian,  Latin, and Russian languages. Among his publications are Verses and Versions: The Centuries of Russian Poetry Selected and Translated by Vladimir Nabokov (with Brian Boyd, 2008) and Between Rhyme and Reason: Vladimir Nabokov, Translation, and Dialogue (2019). In addition to his work on Nabokov, Shvabrin has published on Georgy Ivanov, Mikhail Kuzmin, Marina Tsvetaeva, and written on the culture of the Russian diasporas, Soviet “internal emigration,” the poetics and politics of national memory, translation as well as poetry and poetics. Shvabrin teaches Russian language and literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.