Katherina B. Kokinova holds a PhD in Slavic literature (Sofia U, 2016), focusing on Nabokov’s and Gombrowicz’s self-reflexive oeuvre. She is particularly interested in the specific ways the reader is being modeled within the text and in the phenomenon of instructive metafiction. Her current research centers on authorial instructions in XX c. metafiction and the development of a new cognitive reception theory. She’s a proud Fulbright alumna at the UC Berkeley (2014), and most recently a CAS fellow (2018/2019).









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  • Gombrowicz, W. Cosmos [from Polish into Bulgarian, Panorama Publishers, forthcoming]

Direction d’ouvrages

  • Selection of Nabokov, Vladimir. Sounds and other stories from Russian. Colibri, forthcoming (editing and compilation).
  • The NABOKOVian, a special issue of Literary newspaper on Vladimir Nabokov, issue 23/2013 (co-editor with Kamelia Spassova and Maria Kalinova).
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  • Reception Theories, a special issue of the academic e-journal Littera et Lingua (#1/2016; co-editor with Bogdana Paskaleva).